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Hi all, I just had a question on how to install the Front Air Dam that Mazda offers for the 2019+ 4th gen models shown in the image below:

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I have been looking everywhere on the internet to find any way on how to install this and how the part looks just on its own not on a car. Can anyone explain on how to install this thing or enlighten me on how it works? I'm not sure if you have to take off the front bumper or not.
1,000 yes, you have to take the front bumper off,
to do that there are several pull tabs and a few bolts on the radiator support when you open the hood
the front splash guard underneath below the radiator has to come off, super simple, just get under there and you'll see the bolts and pull tabs to remove,
and lastly the front half of each wheel well liner and the bolt thats right behind where the bumper meets the fender.

Once the bumper is off you'll see the screws to remove the grill from behind the bumper
Granted mine is a gen 3 but its just about the same.
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