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FOW (Foreward obstruction warning) does'nt work 2017

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Tried couples of things but still not operating and sometimes i have the yellow light telling me it's off... I'll have to go to the dealer i think?
Anyone with that problem???
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Yellow behind the car icon is just a warning you're probably following closer than ideal. The full blown FOW shows nothing on the screen other than a red box that says "BRAKE!" in bold letters. I think it flashes too, and the beeper thing goes off.
Never had that happening ("BRAKE")... Tested in highway and city with different distances and speeds with cars in front of me. Nothing! Played with the settings too... Nothing happens! No beep at all (the bling spot sensor is working though).

Thanks guys!
Ahh, I thought you meant the yellow behind the car on the HUD. My bad.

Ya, yellow indicator under the instruments would mean its off. Is it turned off / deselected in your system preferences? If you have it on in the settings and the yellow light is on I would say you need to see the dealer.
Last night it was on but it was pouring rain here so this make sens but anyway, yellow light or not, it's not working in any situation. Not that i need it but i want it to work properly!!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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