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hi, this is my first time doing an OBD edit and its a success, sort of.

i am a com sci graduate and work in the tech industry so the bitmasking was an easy task for me :)

i wanted to enable "find my car" function and auto lock when driving off,
so far i am only able to write the find car function successfully.

when i attempt to write the config for the auto lock, i get the error in the picture.
note: i am writing the config, one byte per reboot.

As i cannot post links yet, this is the direct link to my image

i was thinking maybe i should write both bytes at the same time, but have already kept all cables and my laptop(my laptop is very buggy and may not turn on at times, hence i would like to minimize the use of it) i am currently using my gaming desktop to write this and would hate to have to haul this desktop down to the car for the next forscan session lol

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it worked. i had to write all bytes at a time.
if anyone wants the string its,

;Block 1
;Block 2
;Block 3

I wish i had that when i started. Hope it will help some of the newer people
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