Hi everyone,
I'm selling a Corksport Short Ram Intake 2.5L which was bought for a Mazda 3 2016. Here's my issue, I bought this part without double checking the name.
I have a 2.0L engine, and turns out the pipe where the MAF resides is just a hair bit bigger in the 2.5L engine than the 2.0L engine. Who knew!
So this part has less than a mile driven on it, as I installed it (alongside the cold air box), turned on the ignition, drove it down my drive way, and brought it right back in as my car pretty much immediately threw a check engine light. Nothing wrong with the MAF sensor (cleaned it), just that the pipe where the MAF resides isn't OEM sized for a 2.0L engine.

Otherwise, attached are photos of it in the box it came in. I tried taking a photo of all the individual parts, but if someone would like better/different photos please let me know!
I'm asking for $170 OBO, shipping included if in the US.

Also, if I posted this incorrectly please let me know so I can update the listing. Thank you!