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I've got a 2010 Mazda 3 S Sport sedan (2.5L engine) with 140,500 miles that I'd like to sell. I bought this from a local used car dealer for $5999 a year ago and have put less than 10K miles on it since purchase. My reason for selling is it's got a Check Engine light due to a P0421 code (warmup catalyst efficiency below threshold) and won't pass local inspection unless I get that fixed. Repair estimates are high because this is a CA emissions car. Hopefully I can find someone who likes these cars and lives in an area that doesn't do emissions testing! It is running really well and has no other major issues. Two mechanics have said that the front struts should be replaced but that doesn't have to be done immediately as the car isn't bouncing and not causing irregular wear on the tires. Everything inside the car is working except the CD changer will not take more than 1 CD at a time. Has Bose audio and moonroof package.

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