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Fog Light suggestion?

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So I am purchasing a new car at the end of Nov when I reach my savings goal! Mazda has released the 'Build your model' with the skyactiv feature, and I was toying around with it. One option that was given was fog lights, for 350. I enjoy the look of the fog lights, so I do want them at some point, but I was wondering what suggestions y'all had about them. Whether to allow the dealer price, or to just put them in later myself.
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$350 sounds about right, i went to


and priced it all out and it seems like it comes out to that price

check ebay and see if people are selling their fog lights though, or aftermarkets

here is a ebay link:


but you will still need to buy the bulb, and wiring and the ebay add doesnt say anything about it including screws, washers or bolts
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