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I have searched and not found and answer so I figured I would ask. I recently went to go drive to the airport and noticed that my fog lights where flickering or flashing rapidly on and off. Since I was driving to the airport and going to park my car for a week my quick solution was to pull my fog light fuse. Upon my return I unlocked my car which flashes my parking lights, but this time only the driver side fog light also flickered on and off with the parking light, the fuse is still out at this time.

This is what I have found out since then, if my parking lights are on and my fog light switch is turned to off the driver side fog light will flicker. If the parking lights are on and the fog light switch is turned on the fog lights don't flicker and will not turn on, the fuse is still pulled. Weird.

A little background. A little over a year ago I hit a deer and destroyed the driver side headlight. I got the car fixed but when I got the car fixed and all back together the passenger side parking light did not work, but the turn signal did. Also shortly after this my fog lights stopped working. So I decided to remove my bumper and headlights and replace the turn signals with morimoto switch backs which has a resistor on the turn signal side to prevent hyper flash but not resistor on the parking light side. I also found out at this time that Mazda placed a relay in the middle of the fog light harness under the bumper which was corroded and need to be replaced. So I replaced the corroded relay (With the genuine mazda relay) and my fog lights with LED Headlights/Fog lights from VLED.

After I finished these mods I noticed a couple things but nothing worried me. One when I unlock my car, with the viper security, my parking lights used to flash, now the back parking lights flashed but the new LEDs in the front did not. Two my dash indicates that my parking lights are out since they do not pull enough watts.

Also it does not have independent fog light mods or any other mods of the sort.

So all of that for this question, does anyone know what is wrong and how I could fix it? If not I am thinking of adding resistors to the parking lights to see if that fixes anything. So maybe thoughts on that?

Thanks in advanced.
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