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This was my experience installing oem fogs on a car that didn't come with them...

Last night I installed My OEM fog lights, with overlays, HIDs, and stealth bulbs. I got my HID kit from DDM Tuning same as my lows although I noticed that it didn't come with the sticker the showed the wattage info like the first one I bought.

this is on of the ballasts for my lows.

I followed the how to that mikeofalltrades wrote (very good) HERE

Removing the bumper was fairly easy but I noticed that there where two screws inside the black plastic piece in the bottom that were a pain. There was no mention of these screws so just FYI for anyone that is planing on removing their bumper. I had to twist the cover out of the way just enough to fit a ratchet to free the bottom of the bumper. These screws are behind the bumper between the fog trim cover and the grill.

Since the bumper was off I also decided to switch my turning signals to stealth bulbs. The driver side bulb was a snap but the passenger side was a pain even with the bumper off.

still I manage to get them switched. and here they are on and off.

I tried to do the parking light delete and it seemed like it work but I noticed today that they were still on when I went to take some night shots. I thought that the electric tape had melted so I took the driver side bulb out and it was still intact. Any suggestions are welcome.

Here are some pics of the finished results.


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