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Car just turned 5 and the Bose door speakers have rusted and is rattling terribly. What a better time to upgrade the whole system.

Previously, I added a morel wide band speaker to replace the factory Bose wide band speakers in the corner dash. For more info on this upgrade, you can find it here: Morel Drop in replacement for Bose wide band dash speakers

So coming from that upgrade, I went with a real, full system upgrade this time around. The equipment is as follows:

Front component speakers: Focal W-XP (crossovers not used because of full active system)
Amplifier: Helix P6 Mk2
Digital Sound Processor: Helix P6 Mk2
Subwoofer: JBL Basspro Hub
Headunit: Mazda connect via CarPlay retrofit kit (future option of usb or bluetooth HEC adapter to P6 for better source quality)
Deadening: CTK Premium

The tweeter: Focal's new Beryllium tweeter

The Midbass Speaker: Focal W cone Utopia 6.5 inch woofer with CTK premium deadening


The DSP/Amplifier: Helix P6 Mk2

The Subwoofer: JBL Basspro Hub

So why did I choose these equipments? Well, there's a variety of reasons, and the first is familiarity and price, having gone from entry level, to mid level, and to higher end models of Focal and Morel and other brands, and super liking Morel's higher end Supremo Piccolo and Elate Speaker combination on my other car, I wanted to splurge on the higher end (but not the highest) model of Focal to have that familiarity I have from their Flax speakers (installed on another car that was sold) and yet directly compete with the Morel's. A little battle to see which system I personally eventually will like better. Second is location, I wanted a purely stealth/factory looking system. There has to be absolutely no custom A pillars and no window sail modifications. The Focal fits perfectly as its Beryllium tweeter has a smaller, flatter design mounting depth than a Supremo Piccolo tweeter, and would fit perfectly in the factory dash location with just a simple MDF spacer. I would recommend buying a 6.5 inch plastic speaker adapter as pictured above for the woofer as the Bose is a 9 inch driver, its cleaner and less prone to damage than MDF made custom spacers. Third, I wanted a small under seat amplifier and DSP, and the Helix P6 Mk2 is such a practical solution as it acts as both DSP and Amplifier combined in one chassis, with such a small footprint, it was installed beside the Bose factory amp. Its a class D amplifier, and not the first choice amongst class AB purists and car audiophiles, but I was willing to try what hi quality class D amplifiers are all about. Lastly, I chose the JBL basspro hub because under the seat subwoofer is a definite No No (waste of money) for me, and I always want my system with a removable subwoofer enclosure so I can easily leave it at home when I need trunk space. What a clever way for JBL to design their self powered subwoofer as it is located in the spare tire of your car, similar to OEM systems of different makes and models.

I had the installation in the shop where I usually have my other cars done, and after 4 days of install and tuning... and testing the system for half an hour using my reference tracks... oh man, the imaging is sharp, clarity is amazing, mid bass is fast and punchy from the Focals, and the JBL subwoofer surprisingly sounds like a legit 12 inch enclosed subwoofer.

Now for the cons, the JBL basspro is not a 100% fit in our Mazda 3, it is taller than the foam and carpet liner of the trunk so either you customise a trunk woodwork or foam which clears the subwoofer but raises the trunk floor to almost the same level as the loading plastic trim or leave it as is and just place the all weather trunk mat from Mazda which holds is shape better than the flimsy factory carpet and cardboard.

I am very very very happy with how this system sounds.

Here are the pics of the interior trims installed



Will do further testing and listening, as well as back to back listening from this system and the Morel to see the difference and my ultimate preference.

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Bro where did you bought the molding at the front speakers and tweeter? Also the wires to connect it to the stock wirings. Thanks.

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I enjoyed reading this. I also like high end car audio with stealth install, so I am very impressed. How do you like the focal tweeters? My system is a mixture of these speakers, that is, Focal w-xp woofer-only with the Piccolo tweeters (tweeters have dedicated Audison amp). It is wonderful, would not change it, but curious nonetheless how you compare your Piccolos to the Focal berylium?
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