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Shifter stuck in park. Brake lights work, replaced switch anyway. Fuses are good. Could be shift interlock solenoid but if the park override switch works would that mean the shift interlock solenoid is good? Saw a video where a guy says it could be a faulty relay in the passenger junction box. He says that you have to replace whole PJB which is a $800 part but someone commented that you can open the PJB and bypass the PJB control:

But I wondered maybe its a simpler fix like adjusting the shift cable. This guy shows how to adjust the cable:

Apparently the bushings in the shift cable can wear out and theres a company that sells a kit to replace them.
Here is video:
Link to 2004-2013 Mazda3 shift cable bushing kit: Mazda 3 Transmission Shift Cable Bushing Repair Kit

Has anyone had to do this and was it successful in fixing the not shifting out of park issue?
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