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I'm purchasing summer tires to autoX my 2010 Mazda3 GT hatch. I have a set of Enkei FD-05, 17x7 +50, that I will use to put on 225/45/17 UHP summers.

They're close to OEM spec (205/50/17; 17x7 or 17x6.5, can't tell; not sure what is the OEM offset), but has anybody:

a) Tested that 225/45/17 on 7" wide at +50 meets clearance in the wheel wells with zero rubbing against fender, suspension, inside walls, etc.
b) Tested 225/45 at autoX on hard cornering and slalom dances to confirm zero rubbing.

I've gone through forums and forums with people who have 225/45s, but no one with a +50 or who has confirmed no rubbing against any of the walls.

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