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First Time Mazda Owner, long time fan

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Images will have to come later apparently...

I am a car guy. Always have been always will be. I came to owning a Mazda almost by accident. I have long been a fan of Mazda's. When I was a teenager I owned 3 Ford Probe GT's which had a fantastic little 2.5L V6 in them (for the time anyway). Mazda people will be familiar with the MX6 and 626 which shared a platform.

Fast forward 15+ years and I found myself helping my brother in law who is 10 years my junior buy a 2016 Mazda3 iSport Hatchback in October of 16. Fast forward and for circumstances beyond everyones control the car (and its payment) didnt work out for him. So I find myself in posession of a great little car.

Now, I am a wagon and hatchback fan. Ive owned a couple, my favorite being this little rocket. She made a little north of 375whp and 420wtq.

No picture!

I wont go through the list of cars, mostly because it highlights a very real problem I have with compulsive car buying, but I have owned everything from drivers cars (Cayman) to monster Frankenstein vehicles (E-350 Extended high top 7.3L powerstroke van) and everything in between.

I really like this little mazda. Its fun, relaxed, comfortable, quiet, gets 35mpg and seriously hustles on the back roads. My brother in law painted the wheel covers black, not my preference.

I am going to throw some 18's an OV tune and some coilovers on it and call it a day

Here it is (with Frankenstein and my truck which I will now be selling in the background)

No Picture! :(
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new ride. Happy motoring from Thailand.
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