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First post! Off center steering wheel, funky brake pedal, creaking.

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So my 2015 has 2300 miles on the clock and since new (320 miles) the steering wheel has been off center to the right about 4 degrees. I've brought the car to the dealership twice to get the wheel centered and each time they tell me it's good to go and what do ya know it's exactly the same. They keep insisting that the car is aligned, to which I reply that the car doesn't have an alignment issue, the wheel just needs centered. So the car is in service now hopefully getting fixed. In addition to this I hear/feel a strange farting rubbing sound when I press the brake coming from the pedal. Third, when driving in the rain I hear a loud creaking when driving over speed bumps that sounds like control arm bushings. Anyone else have these issues on your brand new car?
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Maybe when they originally aligned the wheel in Japan, the assembler sat in the passenger seat. You know in Japan they drive just the opposite of US. LOL
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