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Hi everyone,

just wanted to say hello, I'm new here.
I've been mazda driver for a long time now but never owned mazda 3.
My main car I usually drive is mx-5 nc aaaand man it is fun. That's my the car and been using it for every occasion, work, weekends, summer, winter, sun and rain, city and highways, short-runs and long-runs, like always, everyday car.

But for few months back I'm in the need for "normal" car because of business, need for transporting more than two persons at longer distance and the logical selection was mazda, especially mazda 3.

I must say I'm overwhelmed, really satisfied.
Just bought mazda 3 cd 150 pearl white.

Really cool car, got just enough power to have fun, it's diesel and with all of my throttling consumes just about 7l/100km.

It's great! I think I'm really starting to like this car very much.
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