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I have a 2016 Mazda 3 hatchback with key proximity sensors ("Advanced Keyless Entry"). After installing the 70.00.021 firmware I experienced a change in behavior with respect to the trunk opening that seems like a bug and I wonder if others could confirm it.

With older firmwares (I had 55 and 59.00.502 before), pushing the unlock button on the inside of the driver door (or pushing the unlock button on the remote twice) would unlock all the passenger doors and the trunk (so anybody standing outside could then open the trunk by pushing the electric liftgate opener button).

With 70.00.021 this stopped working for me. The passenger doors would still get unlocked, but not the trunk. It became impossible for anybody but the driver to open it. The only way it would work was to walk with the key to the trunk and open it utilizing the advanced keyless entry.

I just updated to 70.00.100 and the first thing I checked after the update was the trunk opening. It works as expected again!

So I wonder if this is a bug in the 70.00.021 firmware that affects all such cars or did I trigger some weird corner case that resolved itself by (re)installing the firmware? What are other people with the 70.00.021 firmware seeing in their cars? The simplest way to test it that I can think of is to unlock the car, leave the keys inside the car, push the unlock button inside the driver door, and walk to the trunk to see if it will open.
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