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Rubber side down
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I would like to preface this with a bit of a disclaimer: I am not a representative or sales person for Spec Clutch, nor do I have any affiliation with the company whatsoever. I am simply an enthusiast who hates the mushy factory clutch and needs something beefier to build up his Mazda3. I would contact their sales department for more information and to double check part numbers/stage levels just in case i made any typos. They do not have these parts listed on their web site as of posting this. They only list Mazda 3 applications up to 2013. These were given to me specifically based on my inquiry for the 2016 sGT 6MT 2.5 liter so I cannot say if it will fit the 2.0.

I have been checking Exedy, ACT, Clutchmasters, and the webernets in general to find an upgraded clutch to no avail. I finally found (as far as I know) the first company to offer an upgrade. For those of you who need something for road racing, auto x-ing, drag, etc,... or maybe you just prefer a little more bite and positive feel than what the factory clutch offers, I have some part numbers and prices for you. These were provided to me from Spec Clutch through some email inquiries.

Stage 1: SZ351-2 $589
Stage 2: SZ532-2 $669
Stage 2+: SZ353H-2 $689
Stage 3: SZ353-2 $599
Stage 3+: SZ353F-2 $759
Stage 4: SZ354-2 $609
Stage 5: SZ355-2 $779

You can go to specclutch.com/products to read the general descriptions of each stage. Again, speak with someone from the company to confirm fitment, price, etc. I am simply posting this for those who are as itchy for true performance aftermarket support on this car as I am.

- Cheers!
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