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I am new to this forum and am posting a summary of my experience with a 2007 MS3:

Bought April 2012 in Fort Worth:
Car had following mods installed by previous owner:
Tein springs, Injen air intake, Cobb DP, resonators removed, CP-E stage 1 RMM
Compression check: 170/165/160/154 in June 2012

Now has 110K miles and has had extensive repairs/updates since bought:
*All Brake calipers/rotors replaced with new OEM parts
*Three wheel bearings replaced
*Left CV axle replaced
*Tein springs replaced with RaceLand coilovers (junk) replaced with 2010 MS3 OEM springs/shocks
*Thermostat and water pump replaced
*Two bent wheels repaired
*Installed full-time running lights
*Replaced driver side rear control arm
*Installed 20" glasspack and AP 3738 muffler (much quieter now)
*Replaced RaceLands left front strut bearing
*Clutch replaced
*Rear O2 sensor replaced
*Replaced front and rear stabilizer bushings and links (right front stab clamp bolt had broken off and basically had been running over 2 years without front stabilizer bar working)
*SPC adjustable Camber link installed on rear driver side (Pass side installation is about a 4 hour labor charge due to emissions canister blocking removal of non-adjustable OEM camber link bolt. Used GM part number from Amazon "ACDelco 45K0187..." )
*Installed RMM ("6068A CM5Z-6068A 13-14 Ford Focus Electric").

All together about $7K in repairs/upgrades over past 3 years.

Remaining tasks:
Replace timing chain
Decarbonize intake valves
Install new sparkplugs
Replace trans fluid with Motorcraft MTX-75 & IB5 XT-M5-QS
Use AP2 to tune for high altitude (5000ft) operation (only abt 12 psi max boost now)
Figure out how to install pass side adjustable camber link at a reasonable cost.
Attack NVH with sound deadening as last resort

In summary, a lot has been learned about what NOT to do in buying an MS3. If buying an MS3 today I would buy one that is totally stock, under 40K miles, and owned by a little ol' lady school teacher. (I also own a '94 turboed Miata that has only had oil/anti-freeze changes the past 12 years) This MS3 has been a very high maintenance bitch that I wouldn't care to repeat. But, it reminds me so much of the '58 Volvo 444's handling and feel I used to have that I will not now give up this MS3-

Rant off
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