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Exhaust Frustration and loss

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I was reading through this exhaust thread Definitive Exhaust Thread

I recently ordered a full turboback from cobb and after installment i ended up keeping the dp only because found the cbe loud for my taste so i was able to return it to cobb for a full refund. Now I'm on the search for another option and the 2 only options ive been considering are racing beat and greddy sp elite. What really frustrates me is that the car was running really good with the whole turboback exhaust so i want to be able to keep 3" size exhaust flow while not getting to loud. The Greddy sounds great but the only problem is that the piping size is 2.75" and if i later go big turbo i would like the whole exhaust to have better flow. The rest i have found loud for my taste. The racing beat ive read and seen that its just as loud as oem catback. At the moment i have cobb dp with oem catback so this means that if i go with racing beat catback it won't be louder than what it is right now, correct?
If anybody here has any of these catbacks that can correct me, let me know.
I know that sound clips sometimes don't do justice to actual sounds and that exhaust sound levels to people can be subjective but just trying to get the best idea so i don't commit another mistake. Thanks in advance
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Listen to these 2 setups, which seems louder on wot? The only problem with greddy is if i decide to go big turbo later on

Racing Beat with catted DP

Greddy with catted dp
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