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Dear All,

I am new on this forum and found similar question already asked, but due to I am new I cannot send private messages, so this is why this thread is opened.

I bougth Mazda CX 5 GT 2016. Current MZD OS 55.00.750 NA N , Music Database Version : 00.05.00 and Fail-Safe version: 55.00.750. I know that I can update to new version of OS, but my question is different.

I would like to make navigation SD card for my car with Europe, Russian on it. Unfrtunatly, there are no europe maps available for OS version 55.00.750 NA N, or any other NA version.
Then I found only here reply from Championway that you can hack original binary code and make Europe maps work on USA navigation OS.

So question which program I need to use and what I need to write in JCI binary, so in the end I would have navigation working and not to damage CMU?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
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