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ok so i sold the old beamer and bought a mazda 3 08 5speed 2.0 my plan was to make a turbo build but then i came across a supercharger that seems like it should be about 10x easier on the install still haven't made up my mind which one i want to go with any suggestions? id be doing all the work by myself except tuning does anyone know who makes the best super/turbocharger im new to the 4cylinder thing and learning as i go im about to start collage in the spring so im trying to keep the budget at a minimum i also need to know whats the best cam and springs ect and what else has to be done to get this beast to gain some hp i already bought and installed a new k&n air intake im trying to make this happen around 3500-5g the less the better if i do turbo it i was thinking about buying a newer mazdaspeed3 engine and trans and swap if it will fit i don't have a lot of experience with these mazdas so guidance would be greatly appreciated thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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