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Replacement Part

Quantity: 1

Location of use: Oil pan drain plug​

Oil and Chemical Type
Engine oil

Type: Recommended oil​

• A hot engine can cause severe burns. Be careful when servicing the vehicle.
• A vehicle that is lifted but not securely supported on safety stands is dangerous. It can slip or fall, causing death or serious injury. Never work around or under a lifted vehicle if it is not securely supported on safety stands.
• Continuous exposure to USED engine oil has caused skin cancer in laboratory mice. Protect your skin by washing with soap and water immediately after working with engine oil.
• If engine oil is spilled on the exhaust system, wipe it off completely. If you fail to wipe the spilled engine oil, it will produce fumes because of the heat.
• If engine oil is added while engine oil drainage is insufficient, the engine oil amount will exceed the specification and the MAX mark on the dipstick. When draining the engine oil, warm up the engine (engine oil temperature: approx. 60 °C {140 °F} or more) and wait for 5 min or more before draining it.
• The viscosity of the engine oil changes according to the engine oil temperature.
• Because it takes time for the engine oil to return to the oil pan from each engine part and the viscosity of the engine oil is high when the engine is cold, engine oil drainage becomes insufficient.
• The engine oil returns to the oil pan and a sufficient amount of engine oil can be drained by raising the engine oil temperature to approx. 60 °C {140 °F} or more and waiting for 5 min or more.
• Add engine oil until it reaches the MAX mark on the dipstick to handle oil dilution (viscosity reduction) and engine oil consumption (oil amount reduction).
• The engine oil reaches the MAX mark on the dipstick when the engine oil is drained according to the procedure and the specified amount of engine oil is added.
1.Position the vehicle on level ground.

2.Warm up the engine to allow the engine oil temperature to reach 60 °C {140 °F} or more.

3.Stop the engine and wait for 5 min or more.

4.Remove the oil filler cap.

5.Remove the service hole cover (installed to front under cover No.2) used to drain the engine oil.


6.Remove the oil pan drain plug.


7.Drain the engine oil into a container.

8.Wait until the engine oil starts to drip.

9.Install the oil pan drain plug with a new gasket.

• The amount of residual oil in the engine can vary according to factors such as the replacement method and oil temperature. Verify the oil level after engine oil replacement.

10.Refill engine oil according to the engine oil amount indicated in the following table.

Engine oil capacity (approx. quantity)
Oil replacement​
4.3 L {4.5 US qt, 3.8 lmp qt}​
Oil and oil filter replacement​
4.5 L {4.8 US qt, 4.0 lmp qt}​
Total (dry engine)​
5.5 L {5.8 US qt, 4.8 Imp qt}​

Engine oil specification
U.S.A. and CANADA​
Except U.S.A. and CANADA​
Engine oil grade​
ILSAC GF-V or higher​
Engine oil viscosity​
SAE 5W-30​

11.Install the oil filler cap.

12.Start the engine and confirm that there is no oil leakage.

• If there is oil leakage, repair or replace the applicable part.

13.Verify that the engine oil amount is at the MAX mark on the dipstick.


15.Install the service hole cover.

16.If the engine oil is replaced, perform engine oil data reset. (See ENGINE OIL DATA RESET [SKYACTIV-G (WITH CYLINDER DEACTIVATION (US))].)
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