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I am in Australia and recently purchased a mazda 3 GT {2014/2015}.
I was running version 33.00.500 on my infotainment. I have an iPhone 4 and was happily receiving email notifications (as well as SMS).

Then i got enthusiastic and downloaded and installed NA_55.00.650A (also ADR_56.00.100A). Since then the email notification has disappeared. There's no mention in the settings/under communication like it used to be.

Is this normal? Has someone decided somewhere to take it out?

PS: In searching for an answer i can see that many people have had issues trying to get emails working on iPhones. You just have to enable notifications on the iPhone for them to be pushed out as notifications. Then the infotainment unit displays/speaks them's.

Very handy and would like it back if i can (short of reinstalling version 33.00.500A). Any ideas?

thanks in advance.

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