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Eibach Pro-Kit with Koni STR.T making noises

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Hey guys,

I desperate need your help. So let me tell my little story. A year ago I bought the eibach pro kit and set it off with my stock struts and shocks everything was working fine till my struts got damage so recently a change the struts and shocks for the konys str.t I also replaced the strut mounts for new ones and the bearings and thought that everything was going to be fine as these setup comes in a kit together.

By the time I finished to install everything I went out and test my new parts and for one night everything worked smoothly I was very happy with the way the car felt and how my eibach springs with the koni was working out. But the next day I drove to my office, as I use my Mazda 3 2.0 2009 Hatch as my daily, and heard a clunky / hitting noise like if it was something loose from the left side.

So I went and check if everything was ok, and in did everything was working properly so I checked the sway bar, the control arm, the strut mounts, check if the bushing was aligned to the end of the spring and everything was as it supposed to, so my next guest was that the struts were bad, so I take them apart and test it out and again nothing, they were working fine. So for about two days I've been doing all this checking and adjusting thinking is no way my spring is damaged so I change them from side to side to see what the problem was and now the noise has traveled to the the right side so that let me to the answer that the spring was damaged or something so I take both out and both of them looked fine no cuts or visable damage anywhere.

So this problem is driving me crazy and I've search in all forums and no one has come to an answer of why this happened. Because it wasn't making any noise with my old struts and now with the konis just one of the springs is making these noise but It feels like is working properly.

Has anyone experienced this kind of issue, can anyone help this pour soul Je je je please.

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I have not experienced this problem as I do not own the Koni STR.T kit and was actually going to ask you how the suspension kit felt and where did you buy the kit? was also wondering what came with the kit as some descriptions on sites aren't really that detailed.

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