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Has anyone out there used these pad? I purchased a set of the Yellow Stuff front and rear pads last month and finally got around to installing them over the weekend. The front went on with no issues what so ever, but the rear not so much. It seems the rear set I got didn't the little clips/ears that hold the rear pad in place in the caliper. From what I understand the Japan built and Mexican build 3s have different calipers/pads. I'm wondering if something changed for the 2017+ model. I check the part number with EBC and other vendors, it is DP42186R. I'm returning the set to the seller but would like to still purchase a set for the rear.

Hoping someone can tell me what the correct part number is or should I just order from another vendor and see if they fit?

Also, I know the pads are overkill, but I plan on doing multiple track and auto-x days.

Further note, they are freaking loud, but hoping that will go away in few hundred miles.
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