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This applies to those with auto dimming mirror. I prefer the detector to be above the mirror for more stealth, and sitting higher on the seat this location is better. With the rain sensor and camera housing surrounding the mirror, tolerances are tight for mount between the mirror and the headliner. I tried fabricating a mount using basic tools but gave up and ended up buying a mount and modifying it to fit. This mount has some adjustability that allows you to fine tune the arm position to fit the V1. I usually tap into sunroof switch for power, but the mirror tap wire makes this easy.

This was for V1 obviously but should work with others.

Here are the parts I used:
1x Mirrormount Bracket
1x Mirrormount mirror tap
1× Bicycle reflector mount
1x 2.5" long 1/4"-20 thread cap screw
1x .75" long 1/4"-20 thread coupling nut
2x 1/4"-20 thread hex nut
Outdoor double sided tape
Optional- Plastidip or paint of your choice

First three items are available on amazon, believe there is a kit with both mount and tap and save $5. Rest can be pickup from local hardware store.

Tools used:
Philips screwdriver
1/4" hex wrench
1/4" drill bit and drill

Detach the ring portion of the bicycle reflector, this is the only part needed. Test fit to make sure it fits snugly over the rear view mirror neck. Using the 1/4" drill bit, drill out the 2nd hole to allow 1/4" screw to pass through. Next, remove the mirror mount portion of the Mirror Mount and attach to the 2.5" screw using the coupler after treading two hex nuts to secure both ends of the screw. I had some leftover plastidip that I used to cover the screw and hex nut to blend in better with rest of the mount. Now install the mount on the mirror neck, secure the V1 using tape on the mount platform as well as on top of the mirror.

The mirror tap fits pretty securely in the auto dimming mirror harness. All black wire is ground, and brown with white stripe is ignition power. If looking at the harness as installed from front of the car, the black prong goes into position 8 and red prong into 10 of the harness. Use some zip ties to secure the tap wire to the mirror wiring loom.

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That's more or less exactly how I did my dash cam - tapped there for a USB adapter to run the dash cam and mounted it on the windshield right behind the mirror.

Heat shrink tubing and black hockey tape where heat shrink doesn't work keeps everything looking clean and OEM-ish up there. Bonus is it's VERY easy to quickly remove without a trace if there's any issues with any equipment in the area up there.
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