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Hi Mazda 3 drivers!

I'm Michael from the Netherlands. I'm driving a Mazda 3 BL 2.0 DISI with 151hp manual.
I have imported the car from Germany because they have more choices and the cars there have more options.

Here is the car when I bought it 2 years ago:

Now It looks like this:

Upgrade list:
  • 19 Inch Niche Rims (Imported from the United States).
  • Changed every normal bulb with LED lights. (interior, side markers, license plate, trunk, fog, backlight, ...)
  • DRL LED (imported from Taiwan).
  • Original Side Skirts (found on scrap Mazda 3).
  • MPS Spoiler (bought new in color from Mazda Dealer).
  • Windows tinted with foil.
  • Window Visors (Imported for Taiwan).
  • Changed Xenon from 6000K to 8000K.
  • Eyebrows (Imported from Taiwan and painted with the fog light covers).
  • Blue Wheel Nuts.
  • 10cm Exhaust tip.
  • Changed back fog light to an United Kingdom clear one. (both lights on the trunk are clear now for a more clean look).
  • RVS entry list with blue "Mazda 3" LED.
  • Blue feet light.
  • Android Head unit with full support for steering wheel buttons and the Bose Audio System.

At the moment I don't have anything on the wishlist because I have the car now the way I would like it not to much but enough to make it personal.

Greetings for the Netherlands!
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