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For anyone who cares to, it is possible to duplicate the disc for your NAVI system (at least for the 12/13 TomTom):

Buy a new disc. I used a plain old SanDisK, 16G, non-high-performance. Got mine at Staples, without coupon for $18, including tax. I'm sure you can do a lot better... The original Navi disc was 12G and not even close to full. I read where some cars came with 8G cards and some originally with 4G...

Using your TomTom account (TomTom Home), update your original disc. (This will also create a backup, if needed, on your machine.)

Again using TomTom Home, Copy your MAPS file to your computer. This is important, in case anything happens to the file and you don't have a MAPS account!

The first two steps are just to make sure that you have the latest updates and give you recourse, if something stupid happens...

Now, using your computer (Windows Explorer, etc.), copy the entire contents of the original disc to a folder somewhere.

Insert new, formatted disc in the NAVI system, turn it on and wait for it to tell you there are no maps, turn it off and wait a few seconds, then remove. I don't know if this is strictly necessary, but I did it (trying to get the system to initialize the disc, so it would be recognized by TomTom).

Again using your computer (Windows, not TomTom), copy the entire contents of the folder you created onto the new disc.

Go back to TomTom Home. TomTom should now recognize the new disc and tell you that it is up to date.

Insert new disc in car and test. Mine worked perfectly the first time.

NOTE: New disc or old, it takes several seconds for TomTom to 'see' the disc, so be patient!
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