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driver's seat becoming uncomfortable?

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Hey Folks. It's been a while since i've posted (or visited). Anyway, today I took my car to the dealer for an oil change and I mentioned to them that the drivers seat feels like something is poking me behind and just under my left shoulder blade. So they brought around another 2016 to compare against and said that my seats were much harder than the 2016 they compared it to. To clarify, my car is a 2016 that was manufactured in the middle of 2015. So, they called "tech line" to check the status about the chairs, and "tech line" is advising them to open up the seat and see if anything is broken or whatever before they'll provide part numbers or warranty repair. The service guys said that there was something wrong with the seat, as the car doesn't even have 10,000 miles on it and it was noticeably harder than the other seats in the car. From what I can tell, i'm getting a seam shoved into my left shoulder blade. I've marked it on this picture of a 2017 leather seat on the right side, but the location of the seam is the same on the 2016 seat, just on the left side.

I'm not a big guy, i'm 5' 11" and weigh 165lb. The car has been in my possession since mile #12 , beginning near the end of November 2015, so it's not an old car, and I've been the only driver other than one or two other test drivers.

I guess what I'm hoping to achieve by this post is to 1) find out if anyone else has ever had this issue. 2) how did they get it resolved? 3) are the cloth seats known for this?

near the end of August my wife and I will be relocating to Los Angeles from NYC, so driving across the country with that uncomfortable seat won't be any fun. It was already not fun driving one hour from queens to brooklyn (22 miles) coming home from the dealership, so I can't imagine spending 6+ hour days in that thing. The passenger seat is much more comfortable, for what it's worth.


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Reviving this ancient thread - I do long drives in my 3... just did 1500+ miles in 4 days for work. 2018 2.5 GT Manual with the black/brown leatherette seats. The seats are BRUTAL during a long trip. It seems to be getting worse. I take breaks and adjust the seat 9 ways to Sunday. Short drives are tolerable. I think that I should have done more research on this car first. The gas mileage for the trip I just did averaged 39.4 MPG. It is phenomenal. I'm a big guy... 6'2", 210 lbs.

Has anyone else had a similar complaint about the seat comfort over long trips? It is to the point that I'm considering selling the car. Anyway, curious as to what other people have done and experienced.
Update - I have discovered that the issue is that my seats are too narrow for my rear end. The side bottom bolsters seem to press against the hips after about 5 hours in the seat. It is painful and I have to sort of sit gangster style sideways to relieve the pressure. 510 miles yesterday ~ 10 hours in the car @ 39.6 MPG which was awesome... but the seats... I'm just too big for this wonderful economic car. :(
My days of extended driving from Key West to Jacksonville and back again are going to end in August... I'll just deal with it until then.
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