Looking to sell a set of used aftermarket rims and tires.

Drag 33 17" rims with 3 Continental tires and one Michelin tire in 235/45 ZR 17 size. These came off my 2013 Mazda3 in March of 2022.

The reason for the single Michelin tire, is because when I went to get that particular tire replaced because of a flat, they didn't have the Continental in stock, so they put on this Michelin. So the Michelin will have more tread than the other 3.

They also are not aired up at this time, is because I put new tires (on the stock rims) on the Mazda3 and they had to swap the TPMS modules from each rim. Just need to have new valves put in or swap over your existing TPMS modules.

My tires have always been bought at and rotated and balanced by America's Tire every 6 months.

Of course I'd prefer to sell them locally, but if you want them shipped that would cost you extra.

Message me with any questions.