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The interior dome lights in my 2014 3i do not turn on when any door is opened. They will only come on when the dome light switch is set to the ON position, but not the DOOR position. I believe the door open sensors are working properly because the door ajar dash lights come on as expected.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips?

I saw some wiring diagrams from another post where someone was trying to use the door open switch to trigger lights they added by the footwells of the doors. It looks like the lighting system is all switched with a logic controller (RBCM - Rear Body Control Module). I was hoping to find a relay I could try replacing, but I'm worried the it's either a problem with the RBCM or the OFF-DOOR-ON switch itself.

Unfortunately, the service manual I could find posted on the forums has no wiring diagrams due to Adobe abandoning embedded Flash in PDFs.
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