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I've been getting some mixed answers when trying to Google it. Some say yes, some say no, some say certain models, etc...

I kinda miss the 2015 I had, so I'm looking to buy new for a second vehicle. Dealers want $20k for a 2015-2017 with 60k miles on them. Might as well by new for a couple more grand. But I don't want CD. I'll pull plugs and sensors to deactivate it if I have to...

Looking at a 2022 Mazda3 2.5L S Sedan.
I owned a 2019 GT with CD and a 2021 GT turbo (recently deceased) without. And good riddance. CD was really noticeable at 90 Km/h with a slight barely perceivable jerk like the AC engaging. Only it did that constantly. Mazda tweaked it after some engines were being destroyed by this half baked technology. The tweak made it almost never engage.
I was happy when the Turbo abandoned it.
i have a 2022 GT turbo on order. When it arrives I’ll let you know.
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