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I did a whole lot of searching, trying to decide whether or not to go with an OEM footwell lighting kit or to go with an aftermarket one. I found out that the OEM add-on kit was just continuous power with a switch and was either always on or always off. I did not want them on while driving, so I went with the aftermarket route.

I had some small LED circuit boards from some old ebay headlights for my VW that I ripped apart. They were white LEDs, with two wires: Ground and VCC (power supply pin). Ran right off of 12v, so it was very easy to work with. I mounted them with zipties so I didn't have to drill and mount anything. Your lights, wherever you get them, will be a diffferent size and you'll have to figure out how to mount them. Zipties, double sided tape, etc. I ziptied mine to the location of where the OEM kit would mount.

I wanted them to come on with door open, and off with door close. Easiest way would be to just tap into the door wiring circuit, but that would leave them with a very abrupt on/off cycle. So what I did was take the power directly from the dome light circuit, as it slowly dims off instead of just turning off. The other perks of wiring this way is the footwell lighting will mirror the dome lights, as in if you switch the dome lights to constant on, the footwell lighting stays on. If you switch to off, the footwell lighting stays off.

You need to run two wires from the dome light down to the footwell, one ground and one power. I tried to run a single power wire down to the footwell from the dome light and just tap a ground down there, but it turns it into a constant power circuit. I read a few write ups that had some ghetto wiring setups (wrap the wires around the dome lightbulb posts and tape it), and I definitely didn't want to do that. What I did was use some machine screw/nut combos, with some ring terminals. This created a real nice source for the power/ground that wouldn't unwrap itself or cause damage to the dome light, and is easily removed back to stock if necessary.

The passenger side bulb circuit is what I used, as both of the power and ground holes were the same size. The drivers side has two different sized holes. Looking at the ring terminals, the BLUE is POWER and the RED is GROUND. I wish the colors were swapped, but oh well. I had to run a smaller overall diameter ring terminal on the ground, because the long post underneath it is also a ground circuit, but causes it to be a constant power, just like tapping off another ground in the car. I wrapped some electrical tape around that post just for good measure.

I ran my wires just like everyone else, through the headliner, down the A pillar, through the dash. The dash support is a pipe with brackets welded to it, and I ran my wires along that, zip tied to it in intervals. I ran the two wires straight across the underside of the dash to the passenger side. This was a little tricky to get past the cabin filter housing, so I had to snake some thick solder wire through, tape the wire to it, and pull it back through. I wired the passenger side light to the end of the wires, and tapped into the middle of the wires on the drivers side. I stripped and soldered all connections. You can use butt connectors or T-Taps, whatever you have access to or the skill for.

I just need some white LED bulbs for the dome lights to make it all match. I'm happy to answer any questions or take more pictures

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