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I'm new to forum and Mazda and and stupidly enough I was playing with hidden menu on my mazda 3 '15 and toggled the DISPLAY TOGGLE, now I can only hear radio but the screen is completely black and unresponsive. Is there any way to restore this? appreciate any help.

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If you have not applyied any tweaks you can try to do factory reset:


2.9.2 Last Resort: If you have a non responsive Mazda/MZD..
Use this option if something goes wrong during Firmware Updating
and or you have an unresponsive black or blank touch-screen,
this will NOT work if you already had any Hacks or non OEM Tweaks previously installed.

Put car into Amber 'ACC' Light ON (Accessory Mode)Do Not Start Engine.
Wait 30 seconds for Connect to settle as you can not see the touch-screen
as it is blank or black.
Perform these setting inputs *below precisely as you are flying blind..
IF you make an input error you must turn off ACC system and power
down car See 5.4 below and do #1 to #3, and then repeat setting input process * again.

*PRESS "Home Button" above Commander Knob ONCE.
*TURN Silver Command Wheel 2 clicks to the Right.
*PRESS Down on Commander Black Knob ONCE.
*SLIDE-PUSH move Commander Knob 6 times to the Right.
*TURN Silver Command Wheel 5 clicks to the Right.
*PRESS Down on Commander Black Knob ONCE.
*TURN Silver Command Wheel 1 click to the Right.
*PRESS Down on Commander Black Knob ONCE.

After awhile the loading of screen and MAZDA logo should occur.
If Black Touch-Screen continues you will need your CMU hardware replaced.
A normal system boots up automatically by itself when car is on ACC or started.
The above Factory Reset can also be done via Touch-Screen if
it is working OK (not black). Also recommend this Factory Reset IF you have Tweaks installed Before you install updated Version 59 or higher Firmware

or video:


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New comer here.
As i was fumbling around to enable touch screen when driving on the infotainment by "Reviewing Tech101". Which works on my system OS 56.00.240 4A N

I managed to toggle the CPU gauge toggle to "On" and now it could not be turn off.
Is there anyway to turn it off ? Thks


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