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Hey guys,

I'm having an issue with my headlights. My passenger side is substantially more dim than my driver side light. I have ran through the following troubleshooting:

- Opened hood and poke around for any corrosion or damaged wiring
- Swapped bulbs from driver - passenger to ensure it was not a faulty bulb
- Inspected housing for damage, non found.
- Test leveling of lights. Both are leveled equally.

I have done some research and ran across possible next steps, but I'm not sure how to execute them:

- Look at the ground for any corrosion (I do not know where the ground is for that headlight)
- Use a voltmeter to test the wiring. (What wire is it? I see one, but it has a plastic casing on it. How would I test it?)

My car is 2014 3 Hatch. The lights are halogen. Can anyone help?
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