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This is also an introduction first post message. :)

I realize that some may just want to point me towards the search button - but I wanted to say hi and this is more fun. 0:)

I bought a dark red 2008 GT notchback with a manual a year ago, has 128,000 km on it - and is mint.

It's going into the shop soon to replace the clutch, this isn't about that though.
While it's in there I am thinking of spending some money on some nice mods that will noticeably change the driving in a positive way.

Although it doesn't strictly speaking need it, the suspension is not new anymore and I'm going to change the shocks and springs.
Was thinking of the Eibach sportline springs and the Bilstein B6 shocks.

There's a local CL post with someone selling this exact setup lightly used for a reasonable price. :D

What he hasn't mentioned in his ad is if the car they were on was a hatch or a notch.
Does it make a difference?

Thank you for your help with this!

I love the car and want to change it a bit in subtle ways for daily driving.

In addition if you have done any upgrades that you felt dramatically changed the driving experience please share!
They don't necessarily have to be the inexpensive ones but saving money is always nice.
Short throw shifter?

I should add that I'm not looking to increase the output of the big 2.3L.
I'm pleased with it's power and have a couple of much faster older Camaro's if straight line acceleration is what I'm after. >:)
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