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Different horn in 2017+?

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Hey all! Having both a 2016 and 2017 sport gs models, I was able to compare the horns. I have to say the 2017 horn sounds a lot fuller, like it has both the low and the high horn. I have yet to pull off the bumper to verify, but can anyone confirm this? It could be a good OEM option for those who do not like the stock horn on the 2014-2016 models. There is definitely a difference in sound and level output, and no the horn on my 2016 model is not just dirty ;) Another difference I have noticed is the transmission (apart from the obvious sport mode on the 2017), in normal mode it really feels firmer with quicker shifts. Both have about the same mileage since they were purchased only a few months apart. Also loving the new console on the 2017, makes for a much sleeker interior.
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If/When I find myself a Ferrari like horn Id be willing to sell someone my oem 2017 horn lol, always wanted that high pitch sound :D

ok yeah this is DEFINITELY happening soon, me want, me want now lol

Im going to be giggling for days once I get my hands on this!!!
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Check out the Stebel - Nautilus... I had one installed on my truck and epic loud and high pitch like a Ferrari horn... made me wonder Stebel is made in Italy ;)
STEBEL® ITALIA - Trombe Horns

Here's a quick vid pressing the lock button on my truck... very quick horn blast and gets MUCH louder anything past short honk. Echo off buildings fun ;)
Sounds good, but I wouldn't want to pay for shipping from Europe to Canada.
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