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I've noticed it last winter. Not sure if it is related to the colder weather or something else - but occasionally, especially when the engine is cold (sub zero temps during winter) it shifts into second gear a bit harsher than into other gears. Not nearly as bad as if you try to shift back to first before the car has stopped but noticeably more difficult.

The thing that helps is reving it to higher RPM in first gear before shifting into second. The problem goes away as the car is warmed up, and now as the summer is approaching it is much less noticeable.

Is this something other users here experience as well (as in normal) or should I be worried and try to get it checked out?

On the previous car (2014 Mazda 3 with 1.5l petrol engine) the transmission was jerky when shifting into first gear. But I read many owners reporting the same problem - thus chalked it to a feature, not a defect. :)
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