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Developing for the CMU - how are you debugging?

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Hey guys,

I come from a software engineering background, and was curious about doing some development on the CMU in the new Mazda's. My big question is, what are you guys doing for debugging? Are you debugging these applications right off the CMU's themselves? That seems like it could be a bit risky.

I was thinking of possibly hooking up a Raspberry Pi which would be a clone of the CMU's operating system, and developing/debugging off of there.
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Interesting, I'm curious what your process looked like if you care to share? Did you create a VM on your laptop with a clone of the JCI OS? How did you connect your copy of JCI to the car? Looked trough the forums a bit and there's not much info on that subject it seems. I would love to start making some modifications to the Android Auto application, was going to start with a little more intricate way of determining night/day. But first want to make sure I have a good development environment.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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