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These instructions cover the nitty gritty of how to get your music cds converted to mp3 files and loaded on a memory stock to listen to them in your Mazda.

A quick summary of the steps is:
Rip your cds using the windows media player software to mp3 files on a windows pc. Have media player put the track number in front of the filename for each track. Next port the mp3 directory structure to a memory stick. Then, because of a weakness in the Mazda infortainment software, run program drivesort against the memory stick to sort the file system so your music shows up on the car's screen in the correct order (songs in order by track number of the cd). Next insert the memory stick into one of the usb ports in your car. Select the entertainment icon on the infotainment screen. Select audio sources and select the highlighted usb port. Tab over to the root menu selection to search for your desired music. select either by artist, album or folder. I usually search for music by folder. Also included are instructions on using the mp3tag program to put track numbers in song titles if desired.

To use windows media player to rip a cd to a windows 8.1 pc section:
Must have the media player options setup correctly:
Note these options will stay set between startups of windows media player.
start media player, select tools, select options,
select library tab, have "add volume leveling information values for new files" selected, HAVE UNSELECTED "delete files from computer when deleted from library", have "retrieve additional information from the internet" selected, have "overwrite all media information" selected. Have no other library options set. No "rename music files using rip music settings", No "rearrange music in rip music folder, using rip music settings", No "maintain my star ratings as global ratings in files". under devices tab, No "When deleting playlists from devices, also remove their contents" also, select the devices, properties, have unselect "rip, use error correction", found this is slow, so am not using error correction.
select rip music tab, select change in the "rip music to this location", explore to the right dir (ie, explore to the dir you want this ripped cd to go, you can have multiple locations such as one for your cd's and one for your wife's cds), select file name button, have track number and song title checked (order of track number, song_title), make sure seperator is underline, make sure the format is mp3, select "rip cd automatically" (this makes the ripping occur when a cd is put in the cd player so suggest unchecking when done ripping), select eject cd after ripping, suggest best (far right on slider) audio quality, (320 kbps, or select a lower audio quality for smaller mp3 files), select ok

With the options set as above you can feed your cd's to your pc one by one. As each is processed it will eject, allowing you to insert the next one. Note, when done with a ripping session, you may want to set the option to not automatically rip an inserted cd till you want to use the software again for ripping. Do this by:
select tools, options. select the rip music tab, unselect "rip CD automatically". Note you will need to reverse this setting when starting a new session of ripping.

Get the mp3 files to a memory stick via windows explorer section:
Insert your memory stick into your pc. Format it if needed using FAT32.
Copy your entire music library to the memory stick
Run the drivesort program (see separate instructions below).
Eject the usb drive using the windows icon in the lower right of the windows screen.

drivesort program section:
This program sorts the directory on a memory stick because the car does not do this. This allows tracks on albums to appear in order by track number.
Download the program here: www_anerty_net/software/file/DriveSort/
(I've used v 1.242 and older versions also)
start drivesort
select disk tab, select open, select (FAT32) F (not disk1) select ok
set some options: select sort icon, that is "sort current folder" drop down, select long names, select sub directores keep defaults of order ascending, directories before files. (note these options stay set this way between startups of the program).

get the sorting done: in the right window, select the high level dir of the memory stick, select folder tab, select sort, (give it some time, like 20 seconds if doing more than 1000 mp3 files)
select folder tab, select save, give it some time again,
select disk tab, select close

General windows media player information section:
Note, I don't suggest the use of the "apply media information" tool, get there via selecting tools, apply media information. This can / will slam to your library the information on the internet maybe after you repaired the files by hand. Rather, to see / update info on an album using the internet db, right click on a song, select find album information. After finding the album you are looking for, select it and select next, then can finish the process. When using, media player will adjust its library with this new information. You can also select edit on left side of screen to manually input information. See:

Note, to see where a cd is stored, right click on a song, select properties. Seems to reject a disk if it is already in the library, going to the same dir as in the library. When you insert a cd that is already in your library, it get ejected with no explaination. Note, have found that media player worked very well getting information from the internet. However, it was not 100% perfect. When it had an issue with an album, found it difficult to override to fix the information. Web searches confirmed this difficulty. Ended up just leaving the errors stay as errors. You end up with cds that have some songs that have a file name and song title of 03_track_3 for instance.

To delete an album in the music library section:
To accomplish, just use windows explorer and delete an entire album and it will leave the media player library.

To delete dir structures from the library only section:
can delete directories in the library (only from the library) if the setting is to only delete from library.
select file, manage libraries, music
select the directory you want to remove from the libary
select remove

To "import" a dir to the media player library section:
If have some mp3 files on your pc that you want to add to the library do (purchased tracks or mp3s made from vinyl for instance):
select file, manage libraries, music
select add
find the directory
select the folder
select "include folder"

Knowing which track from a cd you are listening to section:
If you follow these instructions you will end of with the track number as a prefix to the file names on the mp3 files. However, the song titles will not contain a track number and the Mazda infotainment system will go through a cd in order, but not show track numbers. (Note there is a menu item on the infotainment screen that you can select during a song to see what track it is). You can do a work around to "fix" this but it does have some down sides.
First realize that the ripping process puts the track number followed by an underline "_" in the file names of the mp3 files. I've used the mp3tag program to slam the file name to the title field on the mp3 files. When doing this operation, I usually make a copy of my music directories and do the mp3tag processing against the copies only. Then I copy the mp3tag processed files to the memory stick. I do it this way because the windows media player has the tendency to "fix" the titles with the information from the internet thus making the change to the titles not persistant over time.

The downside of this technique is that it becomes useless to ask the infotainment system to show you all your songs because now they are prefixed with a track number. This is not a big thing because I tend not to search for music by song.

Instructions for mp3tag section:
get the program here: www_mp3tag_de/en/download.html
start program mp3tag
select the directory to work with:
select file, change directory, explore to desired directory, select folder
to tell the program what files to change, select them all with a ctl a (controll all)
to slam file name to title:
select convert, select filename - tag
in the dropdown select: %title%
select file, save tag
Now all the song titles will match the file names (note the program is smart enough not to put the .mp3 file types in the titles)
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