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Hey all looking for some detailing advice.

I just bought a new to me ’17 Mazda 3 Touring for 12k OTD. It, unfortunately, has got some blemishes in the paint. Some worse than others. I’ve got a Dr. Colorchip set on its way to help me fix at the very least some of the imperfections. So it looks cleaner at the least, read 10-foot mod.

My issue is some of the scratched (2) are down to the metal. I know that paint isn’t the best filler in the world at all. Is there any way to fill these up a little bit without sanding the entire surrounding surface so I can use the Dr. Colorchip to make them go away? Or would just filling it with pain be enough. I'll edit the post with pictures when I’m home and off work later today.

My other question is getting rid of the shallow clear coat scratches. Would clay baring and then waxing the car be enough to remove these? What clay bar and wax and wash for that matter should I use?

Thank you for your advice!! >:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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