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The Simple Reason Why Mazda Is Against Being Trendy » AutoGuide.com News

Enabling this visual harmony is an overarching design theme. Kodo “soul of motion” has been a Mazda staple for about five years now. It’s a styling ethos characterized by clean surfaces, attention to detail and the notion that human hands can give vehicles a soul. Is this design or some sort of animistic religion? At Mazda, it’s both.

“That’s why I think our cars have got this unique feeling to them, they don’t feel generic, they don’t feel like any other marque out there,” said Flynn. Kodo gives them a stylistic edge.
Definitely like this quote and I think he is correct, the current kodo styling will age well.....
Love it, loathe it, or merely like it, Mazda’s Kodo design theme is here to stay, giving the company’s vehicle lineup a unique and cohesive appearance. “We don’t want our cars to feel trendy… the cars have got to age really, really well,” said Flynn.
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