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Hey all,

New owner here.. Couple of questions with regards to a couple of areas which i dont think are quite right with my car.

If i connect my iPhone 6S via USB, i can see it in the menu's, browse the content, but unless i actually tap play on the iPhone iteself, nothing happens. Bluetooth seems to be ok. That seemed a bit strange to me.

Secondly, On a DAB station, i dont see any of the normal text which tells about the station and the song playing etc. I have read a couple of threads from a while back saying that an update can cure this.

Currently, my car is on FW: 59.00.331 EU N. I have found the instructions and the FW updates to bring it up to the latest OS. I know there is always a risk of "bricking" But, if i follow the instructions/video is it a pretty reliable to do?

Also, will this solve either/both of the problems?

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