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Custom Exhaust(coming soon)

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Custom Exhaust(completed)

Stay tuned next week Tuesday for pics, full details, and exhaust clips:nerd:

Here is a quick teaser :wink2:


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This has got my attention....... are you still running the stock resonator? 2 resonators? hell for 60 bucks this is worth a try and video sounds good so i can only imagine what it sounds like in person. Is the piping diameter for 2.0 and 2.5 different if so is it 2.25?
So the oem resonator is still in place, its strictly an axle back exhaust modification. The vibrant resonator replaced the oem muffler. Initially there was not much drone, that has changed, and its at such a low frequency(resonance) that it has become slightly bothersome. If I were to do this again I would likely use the ultra quiet resonator from vibrant. If I have money to throw at it I may change it down the road to the ultra quiet resonator. The piping honestly I never asked, I trust the guy who did this alot and have used him on multiple vehicles. He is a 3rd generation mechanic and is a Canadian national championship autocross driver. He knows cars inside out, upside down, sideways, backwards, ect. The resonator is 2.25" in/out so its a fair bet that he used 2.25" piping. Any reputable exhaust shop can easily make this happen for you. I went this route over Corksport/Ultimate racing/ect because of cost, I can do this 4 times with different resonators or mufflers and still have it cost the same as doing 1 of the aftermarket exhausts. I hope I answered all the questions, if I missed anything or you have other questions let me know :)
Cool I pulled the trigger on it early this afternoon. Probably gonna cut and reuse my old flange and get some piping and weld it up myself. Not sure if im gonna use a make-shift bracket like the guy did on yours but ill be sure to update in the near future when its done. I have a sedan anyway so tips will be concealed anyways. will be interesting to hear it on a 2.0l lol 40 bucks on amazon and some tubing cant beat it. lol
The bracket he used was just a random piece he found in the shop that fit the oem flange, so far it has held up perfectly with no leaks. I wanted to make it so I can remove it at anytime and reinstall the oem muffler if I wanted to. Im happy with the results, and will probably run it like this for at least a year. Glad you are interested in trying it as well, I got the idea from another couple Mazda 3 owners on this forum and am glad I tried it. They used the longer 18inch resonators and also went with a dual setup which probably cost a bit more but seemed to sound pretty good and looked good too. If I ever road trip it to Ontario I'll definitely look them up.
Yeah i saw the video of the dual setup with the y pipe and was wondering why it was a little toned down in comparison to your so they where using 18' vibrant cause it was a gt so mostly a 2.5l hopefully i can get that type of tone out of the 2.0l. Yeah i dont really care much about dual setups now as the sedan doesnt have visible tips and not really feeling the placement of the exit placement on the mvtuning kit. i wish it was closer in.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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