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Custom Exhaust(coming soon)

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Custom Exhaust(completed)

Stay tuned next week Tuesday for pics, full details, and exhaust clips:nerd:

Here is a quick teaser :wink2:


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I really wish Corksport would come out with a single pipe version paired with the OEM Hole cover that would be sweet.
I am far to lazy to get all the pieces and then get them fabed up. I would want something louder than stock and quieter then the Dual CS though.
Its super easy, grab a tip, grab a resonator, goto muffler shop, after its done pop by Mazda for the cover. I don't know if I will ever grab one for mine, I don't think I care enough to cover the other opening.
Let me revise/add to my thoughts, I don't think I would be able to blindly buy a resonator and get it all fab'd up with the hopes that it could sound good.
I would prefer to hear it first, get some feedback, etc before spending money on it. I like the one sided look.
Vibrant Performance ::.

That resonator and the rest was taken care of by the exhaust shop.
what did the shop charge you? I still need to listen to your vids but if its quieter then my CS Axle back i could justify it.
Quieter but still sounds better than stock i mean.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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