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Ok, so obviously I have way too much time on my hands, and this is almost a totally useless mod, but I just did it for the fuck of it so I figured I would share. lol :thumbup 1: :cool 1:

Basically, I bought a pack of 30 uv/black light LEDs from amazon for $6.49 so I was like what the hell, I might as well use them.... I only ended up using 10 for this project, 4 of them were ones I got from radio shack before hand.... I replaced the rear map light with 4 uv LEDs I soldered together on the front of a plastic mirror, and I replaced the front two lights with two pairs of white LEDs with a 30 degree view angle so that they would only shine light on one side of the car or the other.

Annnd yesterday I finished adding black lights that run on a separate switch from the white lights in front, here are the pics :cheesy::

(not this bright, looks perfect in the dark, also this pic includes the white and red lights that I showed in a previous thread)

Here is the overhead light thing with the black lights in, I removed it from my car to add all the switches and stuff in to it:

Here's what it normally looks like:

I don't have a sun roof, which worked out perfectly for adding switches Touch sensitive switches hidden behind the plastic piece that sits in place of the sun roof buttons.

Here is what the LEDs look like inside, the pairs of two are white lights that focus on one side or the other, the pairs of three are the black lights:

This is what the touch switch looks like, it has three touch switches on it that control 3 relays. I also added a Dimmer touch switch and another single touch switch similar to this one but 1/3 the size.

I ended up having to take apart the touch switch to make it fit, and it didn't go where the moon roof buttons would go it went just above them toward the back of the car, and it would make a T shape with the moon roof buttons.

Here is what the overhead lighting normally looks like with nothing added, for comparison to the picture after it:

Here is everything done and working, testing it with two combined 6 volt batteries to make 12v:

Here is everything hooked up before I crammed it in, I had to move the relays because the black cord in the roof was blocking them, It was a bitch to get in but it worked eventually.... I could have been more efficient, whatever....

And here is a shot of the UV LED I put together, I'm not the best at soldering but it works...

Another shot of the UV Leds:

Anyway, I have a ton more pictures but I thought I would share this much at least. I have a wiring diagram too, I can turn on each LED by itself, the front two can be dimmed. ANNNND, I have a switch that sets all 3 black lights I added to turn on when the doors open/doors unlock.... They fade on and off very nicely with the foot well and under seat lighting...

There were a total of 4 switches and one dimmer added, and they all sense my finger through the plastic very nicely, I think they are capacitive switches, not sure....

Feel free to ask any questions.... :smiley: :detective:
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