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Creaking Noise

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Hey all,

Took my MS3 to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this weekend to camp out. It's about 4-5 hours of highway driving and everything was smooth. I got home Sunday and this morning started her up but noticed a new noise and wanted to see if anyone knew anything.

I'm getting a sort of creeking/click noise while shifting through the lower gears. I haven't heard this noise before, does anyone else get this? I'm not sure what the deal is, the car only has about 7000 miles and the only mod that I have is a Rear Motor Mount. I've had that on for about 1000+ miles now.

Any insight would be appreciated!
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you beat me to the punch, eliwwjd. I was going to point out the mazdaspeed forums post.

looks like people are having this problem and there is no fix for it. just greasing it up is all
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