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Creaking Noise

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Hey all,

Took my MS3 to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this weekend to camp out. It's about 4-5 hours of highway driving and everything was smooth. I got home Sunday and this morning started her up but noticed a new noise and wanted to see if anyone knew anything.

I'm getting a sort of creeking/click noise while shifting through the lower gears. I haven't heard this noise before, does anyone else get this? I'm not sure what the deal is, the car only has about 7000 miles and the only mod that I have is a Rear Motor Mount. I've had that on for about 1000+ miles now.

Any insight would be appreciated!
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Awesome (kind of). Thanks!
Mine has it also and many others have experienced the same noise. Its' an issue with the passenger side shaft. Read the link below from the mazdaspeed forums. Sometimes it's annoying! My car is at the dealership right now and that is one issue they are working on.
Pop/thump/clunk noise (gear changes) Found!! - Mazdaspeed Forums
The sound is similar, it's just odd because it feels like this is coming from directly under me. Also, I feel like I hear is even when I'm not shifting but it may be because i'm listening really closely now. It's driving me insane.
Guy take it to the dealer! let them brake their minds solving it!
I don't have a ride right now because I'm letting the dealer brake their minds solving it. Hopefully by tomorrow I get an answer.
Did they ever figure it out for you?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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