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Creaking noise - front end

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when I had my clutch replaced, I noticed a creaking noise after the work was performed. Clutch seems to be fine. My shocks and struts were way overdue to be changed out so my son-in-law swapped them out. That improved things but I still hear the creaks when I accelerate or make sweeping turns. My son-in-law mentioned it may be my sway bars.


Any way to determine what this might be before I bring it in to have Mazda take a look at it?


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Sway bar bushings probably. Get some spray lube - not WD-40 :surprise:- and give them a shot.
Sway bar bushings probably. Get some spray lube - not WD-40 :surprise:- and give them a shot.
ha... only have WD-40 laying around... what do you recommend?

Would I need to replace the sway bar bushings...or is it common to just spray them every so often?

Wow... just called a Mazda dealer to see how much it would cost to replace the bushings (has 170K miles on it) and was quoted $300 for the front only. Thoughts? Seems a bit high
Ha... white lithium grease would probably do it...
White lithium grease tends to hold dust and grime when exposed to most driving conditions. In a fairly short time it turns almost to a glue and no longer has any lubrication properties. Use a good spray oil. Anything that does not evaporate quickly or gum up with dust should be ok. Chain and cable lube products seem to work just fine. I have a can of Lubriplate I use on mine occasionally.



$300 is very high, but thats probably mostly labor. The parts are cheap and not really difficult to replace. If you have a jack, some jack stands, some tools and a bit of mechanical aptitude, it should not take too long to replace them.
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