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Hi all.

First of all, I know about the cold start noise (got that one as well), but this is not it.

This noise occurs when I start the car up. There are like 2 blunt sounds, similar to someone knocking on doors. Not too loud like a smack, but loud enough for me to listen to it every time I start the car.

At first I thought it's the sound of shock absorbers under pressure when I enter the car. When I figured that wasn't it, I thought it's the seat (similar to sound that leather creates when you lean against it) because the sound occurs as I press start engine and lean back... but it's not that either. The sound has been around for a couple of weeks, but haven't got the time to take it to the shop yet.

Should I? Any ideas?
The car is Mazda 3 2014 G100.

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