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Hello everyone, I don't think I've formally introduced myself even though some may know me. My name is Nate, I'm a Mazda Sales consultant at August Mazda in Kelowna BC (Formally Kelowna Motors). I bought my 2014 Mazda3 Sport GS-CP new in November of 2013 fully knowing that I would be modifying it, because stock sucks lol.

At first my wife said I have to keep everything kind of low key being this was our daily driver and it was a brand new car I paid outright for (I was woking up north in mining at the time so I fugured I'd rather pay cash for a nice car than finance a truck). But then after going for a family dinner, this happened...

My brother-in-law backed into our two month old car causing 5k in damage.... Pissed me right off and i finally said to heck with it, i'm modifying the car. it started up simple enough with Corksport Springs and Rear Sway Bar, and a nice set of RX8 wheels I snagged from another Mazda3 owner in Chilliwack.

Since then it's been a slow spiral of light modifications, plastidip, paint, tires and reality checks realizing this was still my daily driver...

And here is how it sits now. Still a few things to get done; re-tune from DRtuned in vancouver, some aero goodies from BMSpec, reset suspension and some minor visual enhancements.
Also I dont know if anyone noticed but I'm a bit of a picture whore so expect to see lots of photos or follow me on instagram @Crafty_mazda

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